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Many people are not aware of the effectiveness of Energy Healing; many others are dubious as still there are a lot of misconceptions around Alternative Medicine practises and their capacity to help people living in according to their nature.

Your testimonial is not just a statement, but an authentic act of Love for all those people in need of healing, balance, and spiritual enlightenment but still unaware of the power and benefit of Energy Healing.

    I was very ill with no idea what was happening to my body, to date this was the scariest moment of my life serious enough to warrant visits to multiple DRs, ERs, MRIs etc. A friend had mentioned Geraldine 2 months prior and I dismissed her because I was confident it wasn’t ‘energy related’. I couldn’t have been more wrong or more grateful for what occurred after I decided to make that call. The healing in and of itself was life changing. From a physical ailment standpoint, she was able shift energy and not only verbalize what was occurring in my body but additionally, she provided multiple suggested fixes (inclusive of a dietary change that worked effortlessly) within my session. What is more intriguing is that after numerous visits to my regular western doc (whom I value and appreciate, as well), she came to the exact same diagnosis 3 months later and without nearly the amount of concrete detail Geraldine provided.

    I don’t want to make this recommendation solely about her gift, which would be easy to do because it is that powerful. What is more important to recognize in considering a visit with her is that outside of her obvious talent, she is kind, warm, personable, funny, and incredibly professional. Her office is very welcoming in neutral tones, warm wood and lighting providing an almost spa like atmosphere. If you are reading this and think ‘this must be a regular’, note: I have only seen her the one time but the experience was that impactful. The insight provided and magic that took place was mesmerizing. I look forward to our paths crossing again and would recommend her 1000X over, and have done so.

    K. P.Toronto

    Geraldine is incredibly powerful and extremely gifted. Working with her has improved the quality of my life and I look forward to every session. She’s helped me clear negative emotions, creative blocks and obstacles standing in the way of success. She’s great!  We are all lucky to have her here on the Earth with us. If you need physical, emotional or spiritual help, I wholeheartedly recommend Geraldine.

    Ben E., ScreenwriterLos Angeles

    I have worked with Geraldine on a number of occasions and her intuitive coaching and counselling method is second to none. She is a compassionate and intuitive healer and energy guide that has always offered deep insights and clarity to my life, and helps me to better understand and master the human experience.

    I also bring her teaching into my own psychotherapy practice at times when my clients are seeking a deeper insight into their issues than what standard psychology or mind-based therapies can provide.

    In short, Geraldine is a godsend for anyone looking for deeper insights into any healing or enlightenment journey.

    I have also benefited from her partner’s space clearing services. And have noticed a significant increase in ease and peacefulness in my home after Marco has taken over. Being served by this enlightened power couple has always been a joy and I feel truly blessed to have worked with them.

    Heron Free, M.Ed.Calgary, AB

    Geraldine and Marco have made a great impact on us. My partner and I had a couple’s healing session with Geraldine early in 2019 when we needed it the most. We left her feeling lighter, more inspired and clearer about our life purpose together and moved more smoothly through our journey since. Just recently we moved into a new home and recognized how much we wanted to leave behind all our old patterns of behaviour that didn’t serve us anymore and start fresh in our new space. Marco came to clear the energy in our new home and gave us messages that we really needed to hear, as well as practical tips to help us maintain the energy in our space.  We have felt a sense of calmness and newness in the energy of our new space since. Geraldine and Marco are gifted individuals and as a couple are truly inspirational. We are so glad to have been graced with their healing energies.

    Rhoda LalogToronto, ON

    Géraldine is a very respectful and gifted healer. In one session she was able to stop my anxiety state of mind…bringing me back to my full capacity to continue a bright journey of love and compassion towards myself and my family….grazie mille !

    Lily MaryMontreal, QC

    Dear Geraldine, I fly out of every session with you with a spacious lightness unlike anything else. It feels like you clean me up from the inside out and dust off my wings so that I can fly harder and further each time. Your work is a true miracle as are you. I had no expectations of what may happen during our time together–but after every session it just keeps getting better. I have so much love for you and your work. For who you are and what you do for all of us. You are slowing shifting and healing the collective hour by hour. I will never understand the depth of your healing as our bodies can only truly know the shift—but how I feel could never be compared to anything else. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love you!

    Tiffany PrattToronto, ON

    The start of 2018 was a very difficult one for our family.  The diagnosis that our six year old daughter had epilepsy, and the subsequent fear and anxiety over how we would handle it was overwhelming.  In terms of severity we were lucky that our daughter’s seizures were not severe and without any physical root cause.  But unlucky that the types she had were very frequent and could be potentially harmful, given certain circumstances.

    We would deal with an average of 15 or so seizures per day and had to monitor our daughter very closely.  Medication reduced that to around 5 per day.  If the seizures spiked in number (as high as 40) it would take days to come back down to the average.

    Geraldine’s calming nature reassured us that there was a way to make things better.  We noticed that seeing Geraldine the day after a spike in seizures, reduced the following day’s count significantly (25 down to 2 or 3).  We continue the medication and with Geraldine’s help, our daughter’s seizures are now basically non existent.  The gifts were twofold.  She lifted the weight a parent feels seeing their child suffer as well as helped to heal our daughter.

    A.L.Toronto, ON

    Geraldine has an amazing gift and is invested in truly helping people. I have struggled with knee and hip pain for about 10 years and I have always been told that it is due to a muscular imbalance. I have spent a lot of time and money getting various types of therapy, but nothing fixed my issue. Someone recommended I read Anatomy of the Spirit by Myss and at that time, I came across Geraldine’s website. We were able to figure out a time that worked for both of us (she’s in Canada and I was in East Africa). The session was at night for me, and I went to sleep right after the session. I woke up WITHOUT any knee pain whatsoever. It has been about 2-3 months since the appointment and I still have not experienced any knee pain. I am able to workout (e.g., run, spin) without any problems whatsoever.

    Given the success I experienced, Geraldine did two sessions with my 18 month old daughter. My daughter had moderate to severe eczema. Since birth, she would spend a lot of time itching her skin and her skin looked like it was tearing and she sometimes had blood on her clothes. We traveled to other countries to get medical care for her but nothing helped 100%. Her skin has been amazing since her sessions with Geraldine. She is also a much happier baby ? I have continued to do work with Geraldine and the results have been amazing.

    M.P.Dubai, U.A.E.

    Dear Geraldine, Thank you for your wonderful healing. You are truly amazing. You scanned my body as if it was a map, locating all the sections that were not well. The healing you gave me was incredible. My shoulder no longer hurts. I have no more nosebleeds. My knee swelling has gone down. My head no longer hurts and I have more energy. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your marvellous gift with me. I look forward to contacting you again via Skype when I am in need. Thank you for being there for me and others. You are a truly blessed soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With love, Gabrielle

    Gabrielle WalkerUnited Kingdom

    Geraldine helped me during a very difficult time in my life. Recently a mass was found in my body, a mass that looked to the medical doctors as most likely cancerous. With the distinct possibility of cancer my mind went to the worst possible outcome. When I told Geraldine about my situation she first reassured me that she didn’t see any cancer in my body and we planed an energy healing session to prepare me for my upcoming surgery. Before the energy healing Geraldine helped me to understand my body’s needs beyond the upcoming surgery. She perceived and then explained the ways I had been neglecting my health and advised me very specifically the steps I needed to take to replenish and properly nourish my body.

    The energy healing session that followed was an incredibly peaceful experience. During the healing I felt a warming in various places and sometimes a general tingling sensation. When the energy healing session was over I felt a profound peacefulness that I would never have believed possible given the difficult situation I was facing. This sense of peacefulness stayed with me through the challenges of surgery and recovery. Typically I am a slow healer and was expecting, as was my surgeon, the healing from the surgery to be weeks, however after only one day I was pain free and after three days I felt back to normal. The pathology results came back a week later, no sign of cancer. I don’t believe that I would have had the strength to face this circumstance in a calm manner nor would I have healed so quickly and painlessly without the energy, reassurance and peacefulness that Geraldine gave to me. I will be forever grateful.

    Nina AhnCalgary, AB, Canada

    Geraldine is a talented and connected healer. Our family has benefited immensely from the gifts of this beautiful and generous person. My daughter has special needs and her health and well being has improved greatly from Geraldine’s’ healing sessions. My daughter has shown incredible progress in her maturity, her communication and her connection to the world and to others. I couldn’t be happier for her and for us as a family. During each session Geraldine continues to show great sensitivity, fun and flexibility in treating my daughter’s condition, she makes the whole experience just joyful. Geraldine has also brought in more and more channeled information as the time has gone by, which adds another dimension ( pardon the pun ? to our sessions. I am so happy to highly recommend Geraldine.

    MariaCalgary, AB

    As a beginner to energy healing work, I had a lot to learn and Geraldine took the time to explain and answer all my questions. I didn’t feel scared at any time. Her recommendation to bring a digital recorder to the sessions was helpful so I wouldn’t forget any important info she shared about the healing. Her husband also does space clearing on a deep level, which is a good complement to Geraldine’s energetic treatments. I definitely recommend doing both! Thank you!! Here are some useful tips I learned from Geraldine – For those like me who want to say “heal me all at once, I can take it”, like boot camp fitness class to lose 10 pounds in a week, well it doesn’t really work that way. Time and space and the egoic mind do not apply in the etheric realms. Imagine trying to push the sky. Your higher self/heart will only allow Geraldine to do what your energy bodies can handle, not what your mind thinks it can handle.

    R.W.Calgary, AB

    My healing session with Geraldine was an amazing experience! With very little background information she applied her energy healing skills to identify and correct a problem that was causing chronic back pain. The pain has not returned. She also recommended helpful lifestyle changes and a product for clearing toxins. Since then I am feeling renewed, energized and very grateful for her help.

    M.N.Calgary, AB

    This energy healing has greatly helped my 12 year old son who has ASD High functioning to balance his daily activities and to help him focus on his work without using medications. It has helped in developing his self-confidence which aids him to deal with the daily routine in a much better way. I am very thankful to be aware of this energy healing which helps in natural way without any side-effects.

    P.R.Calgary, AB

    J’étais sceptique sur les résultats d’un traitement holistique mais Géraldine a une connaissance profonde de cette médecine, une fabuleuse énergie et certainement des mains magiques. À ma grande surprise, j’ai ressenti une vague déferler en douceur de ma tête à mes pieds alors que j’étais sur le dos quand Géraldine a appliqué les mains au-dessus de mon corps. Un Immense bienfait s’en est suivi. J’ai ” flotté” pendant un certain temps. Expérience mémorable. Merci Géraldine.

    Marie LauzonMontreal, QC

    Geraldine is sincerely a pleasure to know. Her intuitiveness and healing properties bring me to my knees. She is helping me immensely.

    Liz AntoniukRed Deer, AB

    Geraldine helped me enormously on different levels. I used to do intense training and I had back and knee problems, Geraldine was treating the pain and she was healing from the root of the problem. For many years I went to see her and in urgent times she used to treat me remotely. Also, because of the nature of my work, I used to encounter many situations where I was under pressure constantly, tight deadlines to deliver, pressure from my supervisors, pressure to perform and be a good employee and a coach for my team so I often did not have any energy when I was coming home, I was so weak, that sometimes I was unable to talk or interact with people after work so Geraldine helped me to re-balance and regain my energy level, she also helped me to decompress and release stress that was accumulated for so long.

    Alessandra GuerraMontreal, QC

    Geraldine’s ability to create a peaceful and safe space and her calming and intuitive abilities enable her to channel the Spirit’s healing energy.

    Jennifer FergusonCalgary, AB

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