Physical and mental fatigue


Physical and mental fatigue is not an illness, but the clear signal that your body is undergoing a difficult situation in which it may not be able to efficiently carry out primary duties like energising the immune or the digestive system.

In most of the cases I have treated, physical fatigue and mental exhaustion are caused by either a root chakra malfunction or trapped emotions in the energy field that result in severe blockages. Possibly generated by a stressful situation you have been through, unreleased emotions impede the regular flow of energy in your body manifesting in chronic fatigue. Identifying the patterns of behaviour that are disharmonious with your own nature is as important as removing blockages and re-establish a regular flow of energy into your body.


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Energy Healing


The human energy field reflects how we live our lives, what is healthy in our lives, what is damaged, what is being repaired, what is not, and what will manifest as disease in our bodies in the future. It reveals all our experiences up to the moment, and the perceptions we have developed from those experiences.

If our energy field and its chakras are functioning properly, with enough energy flowing in an organized structure, we are physically, emotionally, mentally healthy and spiritually elevated. Every person has a different energy level that when properly stimulated, can preserve or bring the body back to its optimal state of health.

In-person or remote session: 60 mins: C$130 plus tax if applicable


Healing sessions are performed in person or remotely (via telephone or Skype) in English, French, or Italian and are NOT intended to replace the conventional medicine, but rather to complement it in your healing process.

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