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Many people are not aware of the effectiveness of Energy Healing; many others are dubious as still there are a lot of misconceptions around Alternative Medicine practises and their capacity to help people living in according to their nature.

Your testimonial is not just a statement, but an authentic act of Love for all those people in need of healing, balance, and spiritual enlightenment but still unaware of the power and benefit of Medical Intuitive Assessments.

    I was very ill with no idea what was happening to my body, to date this was the scariest moment of my life serious enough to warrant visits to multiple DRs, ERs, MRIs etc. A friend had mentioned Geraldine 2 months prior and I dismissed her because I was confident it wasn’t ‘energy related’. I couldn’t have been more wrong or more grateful for what occurred after I decided to make that call. The healing in and of itself was life changing. From a physical ailment standpoint, she was able shift energy and not only verbalize what was occurring in my body but additionally, she provided multiple suggested fixes (inclusive of a dietary change that worked effortlessly) within my session. What is more intriguing is that after numerous visits to my regular western doc (whom I value and appreciate, as well), she came to the exact same diagnosis 3 months later and without nearly the amount of concrete detail Geraldine provided.

    I don’t want to make this recommendation solely about her gift, which would be easy to do because it is that powerful. What is more important to recognize in considering a visit with her is that outside of her obvious talent, she is kind, warm, personable, funny, and incredibly professional. Her office is very welcoming in neutral tones, warm wood and lighting providing an almost spa like atmosphere. If you are reading this and think ‘this must be a regular’, note: I have only seen her the one time but the experience was that impactful. The insight provided and magic that took place was mesmerizing. I look forward to our paths crossing again and would recommend her 1000X over, and have done so.

    K. P.Toronto

    Dear Geraldine, Thank you for your wonderful healing. You are truly amazing. You scanned my body as if it was a map, locating all the sections that were not well. The healing you gave me was incredible. My shoulder no longer hurts. I have no more nosebleeds. My knee swelling has gone down. My head no longer hurts and I have more energy. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your marvellous gift with me. I look forward to contacting you again via Skype when I am in need. Thank you for being there for me and others. You are a truly blessed soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With love, Gabrielle

    Gabrielle WalkerUnited Kingdom

    Geraldine helped me during a very difficult time in my life. Recently a mass was found in my body, a mass that looked to the medical doctors as most likely cancerous. With the distinct possibility of cancer my mind went to the worst possible outcome. When I told Geraldine about my situation she first reassured me that she didn’t see any cancer in my body and we planed an energy healing session to prepare me for my upcoming surgery. Before the energy healing Geraldine helped me to understand my body’s needs beyond the upcoming surgery. She perceived and then explained the ways I had been neglecting my health and advised me very specifically the steps I needed to take to replenish and properly nourish my body.

    The energy healing session that followed was an incredibly peaceful experience. During the healing I felt a warming in various places and sometimes a general tingling sensation. When the energy healing session was over I felt a profound peacefulness that I would never have believed possible given the difficult situation I was facing. This sense of peacefulness stayed with me through the challenges of surgery and recovery. Typically I am a slow healer and was expecting, as was my surgeon, the healing from the surgery to be weeks, however after only one day I was pain free and after three days I felt back to normal. The pathology results came back a week later, no sign of cancer. I don’t believe that I would have had the strength to face this circumstance in a calm manner nor would I have healed so quickly and painlessly without the energy, reassurance and peacefulness that Geraldine gave to me. I will be forever grateful.

    Nina AhnCalgary, AB, Canada

    My fiancé and I made separate appointments to see Geraldine. All I have to say is WOW! Best session I’ve ever had with an intuitive. Not only was Geraldine able to pin point ‘areas of improvement’ on the body but she provided healing, great nutrition and health tips to help the ailment and gave me the most amazing message from my spirit guides and ancestors. This is the message/confirmation that I’ve been seeking for years! Geraldine, where have you been all my life? Thank you thank you thank you! I highly recommend Geraldine and my fiancé and I will be coming back to see her!

    MeliToronto, ON

    Geraldine is sincerely a pleasure to know. Her intuitiveness and healing properties bring me to my knees. She is helping me immensely.

    Liz AntoniukRed Deer, AB

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