Past lives and the Akashic Records


The Akashic Records is the energetic database of everything your soul has ever experienced. It represents its history and the energetic blueprint it has attached.

To retrieve information about your past lives, I need to have your consent to access your Akashic Records. However, not every information is made available. Typically, records that point out the origin of such karmic debts, patterns, or blockages you are experiencing in your current life are accessible.

Your past lives experiences, good or bad, had a pivotal part in bringing you where you are to this very moment. You cannot clear bad records that are negatively affecting your present life because they are your memories therefor part of who you are. However, you can remove negative emotions associated with those events causing blockages and health-related negative patterns in your current life.

When an illness or a specific behavioural pattern is compromising your wellbeing or affecting your life in any way, understanding its origin and reason is crucial in taking the right steps to heal your Body, Mind, and Soul.


Recommended service:


Spiritual Counselling

Reconnect to Yourself.


With this practice, I help my clients to connect with their own inner knowing and the wisdom of their Soul to find means to overcome obstacles in their life.

While conventional psychotherapy concentrates only on the mind and the emotions, spiritual counselling honours a holistic view of the human experience working on the soul as well.

Through working with your higher-self, I will help you realise your life’s purpose, allowing you to find ways to bring clarity and awareness into your life.

As every person is a unique wholeness with a unique life path, I often combine different techniques so that a Spiritual Counselling session may be accompanied by a brief energy healing treatment.

In-person or remote session: 60 mins: C$130 plus tax if applicable


Healing sessions are performed in person or remotely (via telephone or Skype) in English, French, or Italian and are NOT intended to replace the conventional medicine, but rather to complement it in your healing process.

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