Protect yourself

Protect yourself from unwanted energies

I spoke with many colleagues of mine recently; some of them are energy healers, reiki masters, pranotherapists or biofield therapists like my husband. All of them are reporting increased difficulty in “accessing their clients’ energy field” during energy sessions which started about in the middle of the COVID_19 pandemic. We all agreed that the reason for this is a significant drop in the planetary energy frequency due to the widely diffused feelings of concern, fear, and anxiety the Coronavirus and the global (sometimes personal or family) economic downfall caused. Undeniably, a drop in the global frequency affects everybody even though to different extents. For instance, already challenging relationships tend to excruciate, sleep become uneasy, and personality hard-edges tend to get sharper. Seemingly, many of us are forced to deal with an unusual amount of non-beneficial energies idling around us.

A brief note from my husband Marco.

The type of energy Geraldine is referring to is electromagnetism.
The frequency rate of an electromagnetic field can be influenced by other electromagnetic fields in the surrounding, like the ones human the brain releases as a result of the cognitive process. While negative thoughts and feelings have a detrimental influence in the environment and human biofield, positive thinking and feelings release high-frequency electromagnetic fields. They can force any lower vibrational fields in the shared or adjacent space to raise their frequency rate and therefore to mitigate or drop their unhealthy attributes.

The global energy frequency drop is powerful, and there is not much we can do to steer clear of it. But, we can take a simple step to avoid bringing home energies we picked up during the day that might cause mental and emotional distress to our family members and us. Before stepping inside your home, close your eyes and visualize yourself inside a bright oval of light. Hold this image in your mind for a few seconds until you feel safe in it. That’s all. You just released a powerful and highly vibrational electromagnetic field that will lock off your family space unwanted energies that might be attached to your energy body.By the time, you will start feeling this shield of light even in your physical body in the form of goosebumps, tickling, or warmth, especially in the outer part of your harms.

That’s your own high-vibrational energy 🙂

With Love,