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Be Happy and Healthy in Your Home.


Space clearing means clearing the space on an energy level.

The objective is to raise the frequency rate of energy in a given space to make it suitable and beneficial for that of the human energy field.

Space Clearing is widely known in many native cultures and religions since ancient times and is performed with many different tools and procedures. Some are just symbolic rituals and do not need particular human skills to be carried out.

Other more advanced and effective techniques require excellent knowledge, extended training, deep spiritual connection, and sophisticated sensitivity to achieve optimal results.

Our energy field–also called the aura, the astral light, etheric field, etc.– is constantly interacting with energies in the surrounding. Like any energy, our field has a vibrational frequency rate that can decrease once exposed to other energies with lower vibrational rates like those generated by adverse events or negative human feelings, thoughts, and intentions.

When the human energy field vibration is lower than its natural rate, we are exposed to health-related issues, mental discomforts, and spiritual disconnection. The role of Space Clearing is to cleanse a space from energies that may negatively affect our energy field.

Find below some practical examples of when the energy in your house or workplace needs to be cleansed.

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Space Clearing is particularly advisable in the following cases:

Your house has never been cleared before

Unless the property is new construction, chances are that energies of previous occupants, foreign entities, or those generated by adverse events occurred earlier in the house still reside in your property. Whether we realise it or not, these energies regularly interact with and weaken our energy field, which may result in occupants experiencing fogginess, mood switch, lack of concentration, poor sleep, and a general reduction in life quality.

You feel uncomfortable in your house

If you feel uncomfortable in your house or areas of it, chances are that those spaces are filled with energies that do not resonate with your one. Energies from previous occupants, foreign entities, or generated by human feelings like sorrow, anxiety, hunger, etc. might be stagnating in the house. This typically results in a general sense of discomfort, anxiety, mood switch, or sleeplessness (to name a few) for the occupants.
I also have noticed that this kind of energies tends to sharpen occupants’ less desirable personality traits until cleared.
Clearing your house energy allows all you and your family live comfortably in it, and develop a deep sense of belonging.

You’re planning to sell your property

Similarly to the previous case, the clearing resets energies in a house and gets the property ready to be filled with new buyers one. Potential buyers feel more comfortable during viewings and more prone to develop a sense of attachment to the property.
Clearing energies of a property for sale is a widespread practice among realtors as it typically results in a faster sale.

You are moving or have moved into a new house

In this case, the primary purpose of a Space Clearing is to oust unwanted energies from previous occupants and get the house ready to be filled with new residents ones.
You will rapidly develop a deep sense of belonging to your home. Also, a profound energetic relationship with your place typically results in improved life quality, mental clarity and more restorative sleep.

After a relationship or a marriage break up

Grief is a natural response to the loss of a person we love. There is really nothing wrong with it, but sometimes it may be overwhelming.
A relationship break-up process is similar to the one of the loss a beloved person except for the fact that it may involve many other feelings like anger, guilt, fear, low self-esteem, a deep sense of loneliness, loss of life purpose. So, this process might be even more complicated to face.
My advice is to take action promptly. Clearing off energies of the relationship will help to cope with emotional pain and all other feelings that might be involved in the process. Space Clearing also promotes sleep quality and mental clarity; two aspects typically compromised at the very beginning of the grief process.

You are welcoming a new baby in the family

Newborns are extremely sensitive to energies and still have no tools to deal with them. Mood, sleep, and digestion may be affected by energies vibrating to lower frequencies, which are often stagnant in uncleared spaces.
Clearing energies in a house before welcoming a newborn is an authentic and profound act of love to make them feel comfortable in their new home and dimension.

You feel stuck in one or more areas of your life

Foreign energies, as well as those generated from deep negative human feelings, have a detrimental effect on people’s mood, sleep, mental clarity, and focus skill.
Clearing energies in your house or workplace will improve your mental clarity and sleep quality, allowing you to focus more productively and confidently on your challenges and goals.
Moreover, I have noticed a significant reduction in anxiety and improvement in time management skill in my clients after a Space Clearing session.
In this specific case, one or more sessions of Energy Healing would be of considerable benefit. Energy Healing will e-align and empower your Chakra system (likely) weakened by having been exposed to low-frequency energies for a long time.

You or someone in your house have been through a long period of illness

In my experience, when an injury occurs to the physical body, even its energy field gets injured. Illness instead is the projection in the physical body of the etheric field damage. In both cases, the person energy field needs to be repaired to favour the body healing process.
In this case, Energy Healing sessions are required to restore the etheric field and start the body healing process. The role of Space Clearing is to ease and speed-up the healing process by wiping out all energy in the house related to the illness or injury and allowing only high-frequency energy to help coping with any pain or discomfort.

There’s been a death in the family

Once a person gets back in spirit, the body dissolves in a few days, but the etheric and astral body takes weeks to disintegrate. In this case, a Space Clearing session should take place about a month after the death so that even energies from grief are cleared.
It’s important to understand that clearing the energy in a house after a death does not disconnect emotionally or spiritually family members from their beloved one. It instead helps to cope with grief by allowing only high-frequency energies in the house.

Individual clearing session


Fees start at C$ 180 for 1,000 sq/ft and increase based on the space square footage.

In remote via Skype, Whatsapp, Botim, or Face Time or in person in Toronto and the GTA.



Annual plans for families and commercials

Annual plan for 2 clearing sessions

(one every 6 months)

10% discount

Ideal for small-sized families and individual offices.

Annual plan for 4 clearing sessions

(one every 3 months)

15% discount

Ideal for medium-sized families and offices and small-sized commercials.

Annual plan for 6 clearing sessions

(one every 2 months)

20% discount

Ideal for large-sized families, restaurants, retail shops, and medium-sized offices.

Monthly plan

(one clearing session per month)

30% discount

Ideal for medical clinics, spas, yoga studios, and all commercials and spaces where harmony and the client’s mental clarity and relaxation is key to the purpose of the business. 

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    Meet Marco.


    My husband Marco performs Space Clearing sessions.

    He realised he has this gift nine years ago accidentally and spent the following four years studying and practising space clearing, channelling, and meditation until he developed his technique. Given the many positive feedbacks received during the practical training period, he decided to join me in what became our family business. And mission.

    Marco is also a Certified Life Coach.

    Feel free to contact him directly at for questions and information about Space Clearing.

    Business Space Clearing


    The way to Harmony, Clarity and Proficiency.


    Business Space Clearing works on the same principles of the generic Space Clearing mentioned above.


    Space Clearing is particularly recommended for medical clinics, spas, yoga studios, offices, commercials, and spaces where the client’s mental clarity and relaxation is key to the purpose of the business.


    Business Space Clearing creates a peaceful, friendly, collaborative, and cohesive workplace where people feel appreciated, empowered, motivated, and creative, bringing more focus, joy, and harmony in the workplace.


    Space Clearing is particularly effective in the following cases:

    • When sales start to drop
    • When new clients rate start to drop
    • During financial difficulties
    • Before a business opens to the public
    • When there is a location change
    • Before, during, and after litigation
    • Where employee illness or absenteeism increases