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Many people are not aware of the effectiveness of Energy Healing; many others are dubious as still there are a lot of misconceptions around Alternative Medicine practises and their capacity to help people living in according to their nature.

Your testimonial is not just a statement, but an authentic act of Love for all those people in need of healing, balance, and spiritual enlightenment but still unaware of the power and benefit of Spiritual Counselling.

    Geraldine is incredibly powerful and extremely gifted. Working with her has improved the quality of my life and I look forward to every session. She’s helped me clear negative emotions, creative blocks and obstacles standing in the way of success. She’s great!  We are all lucky to have her here on the Earth with us. If you need physical, emotional or spiritual help, I wholeheartedly recommend Geraldine.

    Ben E., ScreenwriterLos Angeles

    I have worked with Geraldine on a number of occasions and her intuitive coaching and counselling method is second to none. She is a compassionate and intuitive healer and energy guide that has always offered deep insights and clarity to my life, and helps me to better understand and master the human experience.

    I also bring her teaching into my own psychotherapy practice at times when my clients are seeking a deeper insight into their issues than what standard psychology or mind-based therapies can provide.

    In short, Geraldine is a godsend for anyone looking for deeper insights into any healing or enlightenment journey.

    I have also benefited from her partner’s space clearing services. And have noticed a significant increase in ease and peacefulness in my home after Marco has taken over. Being served by this enlightened power couple has always been a joy and I feel truly blessed to have worked with them.

    Heron Free, M.Ed.Calgary, AB

    Geraldine is a talented and connected healer. Our family has benefited immensely from the gifts of this beautiful and generous person. My daughter has special needs and her health and well being has improved greatly from Geraldine’s’ healing sessions. My daughter has shown incredible progress in her maturity, her communication and her connection to the world and to others. I couldn’t be happier for her and for us as a family. During each session Geraldine continues to show great sensitivity, fun and flexibility in treating my daughter’s condition, she makes the whole experience just joyful. Geraldine has also brought in more and more channeled information as the time has gone by, which adds another dimension ( pardon the pun ? to our sessions. I am so happy to highly recommend Geraldine.

    MariaCalgary, AB

    As a beginner to energy healing work, I had a lot to learn and Geraldine took the time to explain and answer all my questions. I didn’t feel scared at any time. Her recommendation to bring a digital recorder to the sessions was helpful so I wouldn’t forget any important info she shared about the healing. Her husband also does space clearing on a deep level, which is a good complement to Geraldine’s energetic treatments. I definitely recommend doing both! Thank you!! Here are some useful tips I learned from Geraldine – For those like me who want to say “heal me all at once, I can take it”, like boot camp fitness class to lose 10 pounds in a week, well it doesn’t really work that way. Time and space and the egoic mind do not apply in the etheric realms. Imagine trying to push the sky. Your higher self/heart will only allow Geraldine to do what your energy bodies can handle, not what your mind thinks it can handle.

    R.W.Calgary, AB

    Geraldine has a wide-ranging knowledge of healing and spirituality that she shares with others in her workshops. I have enjoyed three of her workshops on energy healing, plant energy and karma. I’m looking forward to future workshops on topics such as past lives, working with spiritual guides/angels, the chakra system, universal consciousness and vibration. For interesting and informative workshops on contemporary spirituality I am pleased to recommend Geraldine.

    Murray NicholsonCalgary, AB

    Geraldine’s ability to create a peaceful and safe space and her calming and intuitive abilities enable her to channel the Spirit’s healing energy.

    Jennifer FergusonCalgary, AB

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